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Back to Dr Phil, I think I could give a fresh prospective. Maybe we can help people struggling with Bipolar Disorder and their families understand how to deal with our kind. I think this mental illness is hardest on the closest loved ones. My sister got bipolar disorder too! There is something in the missing in our parent’s mixture as we have a chemical imbalance in our brains. I think Dr Phil can bring it down to the basics. The nuts and bolts to laymen’s terms. Maybe I’ll get lucky, he will see this article that would cause him to do a serious show about Bipolar disorder. I’d go on television to take a free trip to Hollywood, California. Although, I would be extremely nervous. If it helps one person then it is worth it.

Try hard to find another perspective to look at your situation from. Determine the good about you and what you have to offer another person. What are your good qualities? There will be another person out there that will appreciate you just as you are. Just wait for this person to show up.

Look at changes you will need to make daily and actions you need to take daily in order to reach your goals. Turn those actions into daily habits. Once you get used to doing the same action daily it will make your goals easier to reach over time.

The first thing that your doctor will need to do would be to determine if you have bipolar or not. This will be done by running a series of tests. The second step is to determine which type you have and then look for a suitable treatment. Normally, treatment will be in the form of medication. There are several different types of drugs available to treat bipolar and it usually takes a while to find the one that will work for everyone. The bad thing about bipolar medication is that most of them have side effects that can be very severe for some people. You will most likely go through several different types of medications before you find one that will suit your needs.

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The bipolar personality generally isn’t intrusive, and they let you know that they are simply grateful for any time you spend with them. Falling in love with them is very easy and the thought of marriage come naturally. It looks like you are the luckiest person in the world and that it will never end since you are truly appreciative for this wonderful being sharing his or her life with you. It can only be a win-win situation.

Medications vary for depression and crazy. It can be Lithium, the oldest and well-known medication. It is known as a mood stabilizer. Another one is Topamax. It is an anticonvulsant drug. It is new and will help control the ups and downs of bipolar. There are many out there. Talk to your psychiatrist; work out the plan that best suits you.

When was the last time you apologized to someone you hated? At this point in time, Sarah hates Jack because her brain has fed her lies and twisted her perception about the way their life has been. She doesn’t love him right now and may take it out on him in several ways- a revenge affair for his “infidelity”, physical and verbal abuse, or whatever her mind may cook up.


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