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Avoid These Mistakes During Your First Year in the Business.
The first year of your business is one of the most important because it is during this year that you will decide whether you are closing the doors to your business or you are making it. The first year of your business brings about a lot of successes as well as failures, just like when a little child is learning how to walk and he stumbles at times, it is also the same with your business, before you succeed you have to stumble a number of times. During this time of your first year in your business it is either a make it or break it time, and it is upon you as a business owner to work hard in your business to ensure that your business picks during the first year, so that you can continue strong and healthy. The reason why some business fail during the first year is that there are some mistakes that business people do during the first year, and you should read more about them here in this article as we discuss them.
1. Performing like an employee rather than an employer.
When you are running your business, it is important for you to separate yourself from your employees because your business needs more time from you. Your employees will have a specific time that they should be leaving work, and when that time arrives they will stop working and leave, and on the other hand for you, you should not do the same but rather spend more time in your business to do extra work to ensure there is efficient running of your business. You should also be prepared to carry some paperwork home, receive endless phone calls from your clients when you are at home, and be prepared to be the last to close the doors of your business as well as to open them. Giving it all to your business should be your priority, and it is also important for you to make sure as you pay your employees, you are not giving yourself any paycheck because you need to give your business time to grow.
2. Not enough funds.
As a business person one of the mistakes that you should never do is not having sufficient funds to sustain your business, considering that during the first few months of the first year of your business you will need to have finds that will be helping you to run your business sufficiently. It doesn’t mean that your business will fail when you have these funds, but rather it is just a measure of safety in case anything happens during the first year of your business.

Updated: June 17, 2019 — 12:13 pm
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