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Tips on what to do when Stopped by Police Officer to Ensure your Safety

Its no secret that nowadays we live in a society that is much divided. On day to day interaction with people the situation can turn into uncomfortable and tense situation in a blink of an eye. Its really hard being pulled over or getting questioned by a police officer. The situation can be really nerves and uncomfortable most especially for those people who feel they are marginalized thus making it hard and feel threatened. We all recognize the need for effective and quality law enforcement, but we should also understand our own rights and responsibilities especially in our encounter and interactions with the police. Below is what one should do when in that situation to ensure ones safety.

Its mostly important to stay calm when stopped by a police officer. One should try and avoid showing any signs of aggressiveness or anxiety since showing those signs the situation can turn into tense one. This will make the police officer to think you are hiding something and making it worse he or she can act aggressively to you if he or she notices you are aggressive too. Keeping your voice steady and maintaining eye contact with the police will avoid any tense moment.

When interacting with the police is important for one to always know his or her rights. One can refuse answering any question asked by the police under the right to remain silent. One can exercise this right when he or she feels not being comfortable with officers questions. By one knowing his or her rights can make him or her refuse being searched.

To ensure that one is safe when stopped by the police is to avoid resisting. Its one thing to verbally refuse a search or to not answer a question but, when it comes to being arrested one should not resist police officer. Resisting arrest it gives officer a reason to act aggressively to you. To avoid provoking the police one should ensure that under no circumstance should he or she resist arrest.

Avoiding any kind of movement is also important in ensuring that you are safe when pulled or stopped by the police, making any movement will make the officer think you planning on reacting and so he or she will react before you do and thus threatening your safety. Any sudden movement made when stopped by a police is giving the police a good reason to take physical action on you making your safety threatened. Police officers are trained to act faster to any movement shown by suspects; police will associate this with ill will even if you know in your mind that isnt your intention. One should note that the police doesnt know you and they are looking for any reason just to convict you so making those sudden movement is a reason to act and convict you.

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Updated: June 17, 2019 — 12:12 pm
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