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Bipolar Disorder – How I Got Over It

I had noticed he had gone back to his old habits of drinking beer often. It was hard to watch him change as he did during those early mid life years. I had to take on more responsibility, our marriage stopped being a joint venture, and it seemed to shift where I was taking on more and more responsibility. I was getting stressed to the max and very much felt like a single parent in a marriage.

He received a diagnosis of depression at this point. His moods changed often, he lost weight quickly. He would stay up for hours and have an energy that was unreal. My husband would clean the house from top to bottom even to the point of taking clean dishes out of the cupboard and washing them.

The alternative to moving on would be to remain in the miserable world you are in. If this isn’t the life you want for yourself then you will have to do whatever is necessary to pull yourself out of it. It will take some work to climb out of the dark hole, but the effort will pay off.

And all this happens whether the relationship was a good one or not. It’s natural and it is something that you have to deal with to move on and have a better and happier life or else you will be stuck in this feeling of depression and loneliness for a long time.

Joyce Meyer is my favorite author because she’s not afraid to tell people the abuse she endured and does it in a loving, educational way. My favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe. Both are very inspirational to me. As far as AC writers, I have so many! My favorites are Rox B. (formerly known as PhoenixRox), Jack Wellman, Heather Tooley, Andrea Rowe, Michele Starkey, Jennifer Bove, and Thomas Griffin. There are so many.

A – Some of your articles touch on obscure, topics of awareness such as Zoosadism and local events around your area in Kerrville, Texas – and most importantly, you open up about very real experiences. What do you find most fun and most difficult to write about?

People who suffer from depression and crazy tend to be very creative people as well. I am currently enrolled in college and have found that when i am manic my work tends to be better than when I feel “normal.” There are two other women that are in two of my classes that also suffer from depression and crazy and they have some of the same experiences with creativity as i do. I know that for me, when my mind is racing and i put pen to paper I can come up with some amazing work. By doing assignments or just free-writing, we are able to let go of much that is going on inside. So always remember that any creative work can be very therapeutic.

This is going to be a life style change for you and your loved ones. First and foremost stop drinking and taking illegal drugs if you do. This will only cause negative consequences and can make this disorder worse. Surround yourself with upbeat, positive people. They will help you and will not lead you into bad things.

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