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Q – Your work is very genuine and reaches out to people. Did you have any experience in this field before joining AC or do you just come by writing naturally from the heart?

A midlife crisis seemed like a logical answer at first until he began to become forgetful. I assumed he was too busy at work and simply overburdened with other things. We agreed I would take care of the monthly bills and so forth. Things were fine for a short while until he began to forget that I was in charge of the money.

Why are mentally ill patients being put in the general population with those who are too frail to take care of themselves? The reasoning is simple. If the mentally ill who reside in nursing homes is numbered under 50%, the government will supply Medicaid for their care. If it goes over 50%, the classification changes to that of a mental institution and the funding is taken away.

About four years passed in this way. I felt resigned to the fact that i was semi crippled and my life was measured in the little hunks I could walk. I got handicapped license plates. I felt like a wuss because I couldn’t walk through the pain, because my legs seemed to stop working. But i thought someone with more fortitude than I had would be able to keep walking.

To get the most out of life avoid procrastination at all costs. Putting something off for the future just means you’ll never get around to doing it. The first step is always the hardest, but once you’ve started doing something important you’ll find it gets easier and easier to keep going.

Patients of depression and crazy almost never consider the results of their actions. They would spend money just like anything unconsciously. The money that they might have saved for some basic necessity for home or business, they might land up pending it in something just not required. They would sign the cheques irrespective of the fact that there is money in the account or not.

When you’re trying to improve your life, write your goals down. Writing goals down makes them concrete. It also gives you something to visualize every day. Your goals should be clear, concise and contain a time frame. Doing this can make your goals a reality sooner, rather than later.

An unwell mind will normalize eventually. She will return to her baseline and be just as in love with Jack as she always was, except now- she has this laundry list of whatever horrible things she’s said and done to him while she was severely unwell. And at this point, most of us Bipolars will be watching the ashes of yet another important thing in our lives slip through our fingers. A number of us will go silent on the matter if we don’t understand our illness very well because what can you really say? What could possibly make up for those horrible actions? “I’m sorry” is often a pale shadow compared to the wound.

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