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Suffering from depression

Growing Up With A Bipolar Mother

A great self help tip is to get in touch with people that are going through the same thing as you. You can also go to a support group. Getting in touch with people that are going through the same things, can help you because you won’t feel so alone.

Some religions claim that depression is a sin or somehow the fault of the depressed. Worry is considered a sin in the Protestant Christian denomination, because it is considered to be proof that the depressed person lacks faith in God. Even New Age authors such as Louise Hay, best known for “You Can Heal Your Life” (1984), claims that each person is entirely to blame for any illness, including depression.

He would write out the checks for the bills after i had already sent money to those creditors. Creditors enjoyed the double payments but it left us with bad checks when the creditors went to cash them in. Then my husband blamed me for putting the checking account into overdraft, which caused quite the ruckus. For the near future, both of our paychecks went to pay all these overdrafts, which caused financial hardships.

That does not mean that this is how things have to go- it’s just the way they normally go because people don’t educate themselves enough on the Disorder and how to manage it.

Symptom. People who are extremely depressed and who may be thinking about hurting themselves or about suicide need help as soon as possible. When depression is this severe, it is a very real medical emergency, and an adult must be notified. Most communities have suicide hotlines where people can get guidance and support in an emergency.

In an acute manic state the depression and crazy can be characterized by overly gregariousness of the individual. They become extra ordinarily outgoing and do not realize whether their company is good or bad. This could be quite dangerous as getting in tough with some unwanted and unethical people can also land up in several irreversible problems such as sexual exploits, henceforth pregnancy, sexual diseases, or hampered relationships.

The alternative to moving on would be to remain in the miserable world you are in. If this isn’t the life you want for yourself then you will have to do whatever is necessary to pull yourself out of it. It will take some work to climb out of the dark hole, but the effort will pay off.

An unwell mind will normalize eventually. She will return to her baseline and be just as in love with Jack as she always was, except now- she has this laundry list of whatever horrible things she’s said and done to him while she was severely unwell. And at this point, most of us Bipolars will be watching the ashes of yet another important thing in our lives slip through our fingers. A number of us will go silent on the matter if we don’t understand our illness very well because what can you really say? What could possibly make up for those horrible actions? “I’m sorry” is often a pale shadow compared to the wound.

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