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Husband’s Suicide Result Of Bipolar Disorder

A midlife crisis seemed like a logical answer at first until he began to become forgetful. I assumed he was too busy at work and simply overburdened with other things. We agreed I would take care of the monthly bills and so forth. Things were fine for a short while until he began to forget that I was in charge of the money.

It’s going to happen. All these thoughts will lead to more pain and suffering and you will have to start over from step one of training your brain to think positive again.

You may have friends and family that can help out while you are trying to deal with that fact that “my boyfriend dumped me.” Do not take advantage though. It is so easy to lay too much on your family and friends. If you ask for advice, follow it or do not ask for it at all.

All in all, having depression and crazy is not the end yet. Depression is treatable. So hang in there and seek treatment if you feel that your condition has worsened.

A – Oh, yes it has. I turned from being a negative person, slowing killing herself, to an optimist wanting to live life to the fullest. I find that God has given me healing and provided me with the best husband for me. I don’t know of any other man that could stand all the side effects of my childhood. I also realize that God allowed certain things to happen so i can help others going through the same things. You can’t help someone emotionally if you truly don’t know what they’re going through. My life now is much calmer and filled with more happiness because I’m living for my Heavenly Father and I’ve become a better wife, mother, and friend.

You are left alone when you used to be an unit. You are fending for yourself in this world when you used to have an ally. It can feel like you are starting over, not just in regards to a new relationship, but regarding your life as well.

Now, I am a music teacher and a front desk attendant at my local community center. I exercise regularly doing martial arts, yoga, and weight training. I see my therapists once every two weeks. I go bowling every week. I read lots of self-help books. I play my saxophone every chance I get. I am a student in music. I have earned my Grade 9 level in the Royal Conservatory of Music in piano. I am in Grade 10 in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Saxophone. I am striving to attain the highest level in both piano and saxophone which is the ARCT level, which is Grade 11. I am going back to Langara College to attain my diploma in recreation leadership. I am wanting to pursue my music career by achieving my degree in music at Capilano College. I may want to get my Masters and then my doctorate.

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