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Helpful Remedies of Keeping the House Clean

Cleanliness comes second after Godliness. Cleanliness is the act of being free from dirt, dust, infectious agents, grim, bad smells and other unwanted substances. Cleaning is mainly done to prevent the spreading of diseases and making a place to look good. In order to attain cleanliness, you must do the cleaning. A human tends to be dirty and messy when he/she is young. As a child is growing up, he/she slowly learns how to do the cleaning. After the person becomes an adult and gets his/her own house, he/she wants everything in the house to be clean. The following are some cleaning remedies you should try at home.

Baking powder and vinegar make a good remedy for clearing the drain. The clearing the drain job is very challenging. In order to clear your drain easily, you only need the following three items; a cup of vinegar and baking powder and a lot of water. The first step is to pour boiling water down the drain. Mix boiling water and vinegar and pour it down the drain. The third step is to pour pure baking soda down the drain. You should then rinse the baking powder with boiling water.

Another easy cleaning remedy you should try is olive oil in cleaning stainless steel. Although stainless steel looks clean, it may be dirty. Wiping the stainless steel appliances with a cloth with olive oil will make the appliances clean.

Borax, washing soda, citric acid, and salt can replace the dishwasher soap. If you discover that the dishwasher soap has run out, you need to take one cup of washing soda, one cup of borax, half a cup of citric acid and salt.

You should try to use lemon in cleaning your microwave. Some particles of foods are sometimes stacked on the sides of the microwave. You should cut a lemon into two and put one half in the microwave. The heat produced by the microwave will heat the lemon and the lemon juice will evaporate and break down those particles of food which are stacked on the walls and roof of the microwave. After two minutes, get a clean cloth and use to remove the dirt which has been broken down.

Vinegar is very effective and easy in ensuring that the shower head is clean. You only need to put the shower head in vinegar overnight and in the morning you will have a clean shower head.

In order to make a spray for cleaning easily, you need water, lemon juice, and vinegar. Put the water, lemon juice, and vinegar in the spray bottle. This cleaning juice you have made should be used in cleaning surfaces such as worktops.

Vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, warm water, and essential oil will make a good floor cleaner. The mixture will work better than a vacuum cleaner.

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Updated: June 17, 2019 — 12:16 pm
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